by Carol

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters; no infringement intended.

Notes: This drabble takes place as a WHN for The Deep Six Affair.

"Well, we have each other."

After sitting in the main conference room for a few moments looking at his partner, Napoleon Solo stood up and began to leave the conference room.

In a very quiet voice, he turned to his partner and queried, "What did you mean by that statement, partner mine?"

Illya Kuryakin turned his devastating blue eyes upon his friend and partner. "Merely that, women may come and go—especially in our business, but partners are for a lifetime, if they are lucky."

Solo's face took on a look of affection. "Well, my dearest partner, how about we go to my penthouse and discuss the lifetime duties of a partner."

As the two men entered their office, Kuryakin looked at the man he loved and with a smile asked, "And what duties would those be, my leader?"

With sparkling brown eyes filled with love, "Well, unquestioning loyalty, offering friendship, providing each other with loving companionship, and displaying that gorgeous body of yours.

"Hmm! I have no arguments with those duties, but I think I would like to add a few—say, at your penthouse?"

Smiling with the thought of the evening ahead, "Well, I always did say that you were one devious Russian and, of course, we do have each other."

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