by Flora

"Napoleon, we can't possibly stay in bed 24/7!"

"Why not? The world has been properly saved, we have a week off, there's food in the freezer for two weeks, there's lube on the bedside table for...well, I'm not sure about that but there's more in my shaving kit, there are several sets of clean sheets...so what's the problem?"

"I might want to go to the loo."

"Yes, well, that doesn't count. And please remember that we Americans call that place the restroom!"

"I'm always remembering what you Americans call things." Illya had a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. "What about taking a shower at least every other day?"

"That will, of course, be part of the arrangement. A nice bath with some fragrant oil every now and then might be good, too."

Illya looked doubtful. "I'm not quite convinced yet. What are we going to do with all that time?"

"I have some ideas. For a start, let's find out how long you can stay still."

This was easy, Illya thought. He had always been good at playing the iceberg. He gave Napoleon a defiant look.

His partner kissed him. Well, it couldn't really be called a kiss, Napoleon made circling moves with his tongue, not even entering his mouth, just licking his lips very softly.

Illya managed to look uninterested.

Then Napoleon started to slowly undress him, careful not to touch his skin while doing so.

Did Napoleon really think this was any challenge? In fact he would have liked his skin to be touched just a little but...never mind.

When he was naked but still totally unaroused, he was ushered towards the bed and gently pushed down on his back. Napoleon knelt next to him, lowered his head and then there was that tongue again, this time licking the soft spot behind his ear and then moving slowly down his throat.

Now this was more like it. Very pleasurable, actually. It took Illya a little effort to still look bored but he succeeded. Until Napoleon's mouth reached his left nipple. And started sucking it carefully.

Illya gasped once, then willed himself to keep breathing evenly. He wasn't going to let Napoleon win just like that! There wasn't much he could do about his rapidly hardening cock, though.

Napoleon's lips moved over to Illya's right nipple. It was taken between two rows of teeth and bitten tenderly.

This time a little cry escaped Illya's mouth before he could bite his lower lip to suppress it. His breathing became irregular and he couldn't help it.

"Do you want me to stop?" asked Napoleon in a silky voice.

"No!" That came out rather shakily but he wasn't giving in just yet.

Napoleon's tongue now left a wet trail down his body and Illya was having a hard time trying not to jerk too often when very sensitive areas were touched. Napoleon knew exactly what to do to make him jump off the bed. Maybe it hadn't been such a good idea after all to agree to this game.

But he had and now he would hold still, regardless of what Napoleon was planning. He could do this; he knew he could. He took a hissing breath when Napoleon's tongue reached his now very hard cock and he started panting.

Napoleon licked his cock, up and down, tantalizingly, then took it in his mouth, just the tip, ever so softly and swirled his tongue around it. Illya couldn't help writhing anymore and dug his fingers into the sheets.

Finally Napoleon started to suck him, not as hard as he would have liked him to but... He heard himself moan every time Napoleon's lips went down on him and he didn't know how to keep still anymore. He desperately wanted to thrust but he wasn't supposed to and it became just too much...and then Napoleon stopped.

Illya felt dazed. He couldn't figure out what was happening to him anymore. His cock was close to bursting. When Napoleon started licking the crown again, he cried out and his panting sounded more like sobbing. He couldn't stand this any longer.

"Nap...poleon, please... oh please..."

Napoleon took pity on him and closed his lips on his cock. And then he sucked hard two or three times and Illya went through the ceiling, crying out like he was being tortured to death by THRUSH.

It took him several minutes to recover. When he was back to normal breathing, he looked at his partner through half closed eyes.

"Maybe 24/7 isn't such a bad idea after all. Let's see how you cope with it."

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